Group Training

Your Greatest Strength Lies in the Pack

Yoga, Pilates, Barre

If you’d like to relax your mind while you strengthen your body, we have the solution.

Cycle Studio

With an invigorating atmosphere and encouragement from your instructor, you’ll pedal your way into better shape to the beat of electrifying music. With this intense interval training, you’ll be ready for a race in no time.

Strength Training

Group strength training fosters camaraderie and motivation, maximizing results through shared experiences and expert guidance. Whether in a gym or community class, the collective energy propels individuals to surpass limits and achieve fitness goals together.

Fitness Classes for Everyone

Sometimes we discover that our greatest strength lies in the pack. Find your pack in our gym’s group fitness classes!

Group fitness provides varied programs full of guidance, encouragement, and fun. Letting the instructor guide and push you can be more effective for some than pushing yourself when working out alone.

We offer mind-body blends and core movement arts such as yoga, Pilates, and barre. Or you can push your strength and endurance with cycling, kickboxing, and bootcamp. Try Zumba if you want to move to music!

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