It’s been a great summer of exercising outdoors in the Lakes Region. The abundant sunshine, crowded parking lots, roads, and trails we’ve seen all summer long prove it. We’re quickly approaching mid-October and soon the dreaded winter months. Although there are plenty of ways to stay active outdoors during the winter, for most people, it presents a bit of a challenge. Now’s the time to make a plan for how you’re going to stay active through the winter. If you’re thinking about joining a gym to stay fit over the winter, keep reading for some tips on how to safely introduce yourself to the gym.

If you’ve been a gym-goer in the past or are thinking about starting, Fit Focus is everything you want in a gym. We have tanning booths, saunas, a women’s only room, as well as 100+ pieces of cardio equipment, weight machines, a free weight area and even a turf area. Fit Focus is affordable and with 30,000 square feet, there’s plenty of space for social distancing to enjoy a safe workout.

1. Plan a very light day or two.

Walk around the gym, note what equipment is available and where it’s located. A light, full body workout is a great way to adjust. Try one exercise for your back, chest, quads, hamstrings and core. Use a different machine or area in the gym for each muscle group. Doing this for a couple days your first week back will help you adjust to the gym atmosphere quickly. At Fit Focus in Laconia, simply ask for a tour at the front desk and a staff member will show you where everything is so you can begin. We also have a beginner strength circuit on the cardio deck so be sure to ask where that is!


2. Start with a light workload.

If it’s been a while since you last did any weight training, don’t expect to be as strong as you were if you were training regularly in the past. This means you’ll need more rest days, lighter weights, less repetitions and less sets of exercises. Doing this will help avoid excessive soreness or injury. Don’t worry, you’ll get stronger in no time! Honor where your body is at right now.


3. Encourage a friend to come with you.

This applies even if you’ve been back in the gym for a while. A good workout partner can keep you accountable, motivated, and help you progress more quickly. Is there someone you know that might want to hit the gym with you? Fit Focus offers the option to bring a guest with both green and lime memberships at no extra cost.


4. Take a class.

Most gyms offer classes by certified instructors. Group exercise is a great way to gain ideas, knowledge, and motivation by working out with others. Fit Focus offers classes everyday except for Sunday. We have knowledgeable instructors that can modify classes to accommodate for all fitness levels. You can find our current class schedule here.


5. Schedule a personal training session

Fit Focus has many qualified and experienced personal trainers who’ve dedicated their lives to fitness and helping others reach their goals. If you’re feeling nervous about entering the gym atmosphere, inquire about a free assessment with a personal trainer. Fit Focus even has a private personal training studio!



Be safe, get motivated, and find your way back to the gym! It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last stepped into a gym, if ever. You can safely introduce yourself to the gym today with these five tips!

Sydney Vachon. NASM CPT. Personal trainer at Fit Focus Laconia