The gym can become an intimidating place for anyone. Even as a personal trainer I find myself intimidated at times in a packed gym. However, I still navigate my way through my weekly workouts efficiently because I know the tricks of overcoming intimidation. These are the simple solutions to overcoming gym intimidation. 

Avoid Busy Hours

Workout when the gym is quiet and there is no one in your way.  If you find yourself intimidated easily by other people, going to the gym during the slowest time is ideal for you. At Fit Focus the gym is open 24/7 so there is no excuse for not going to the gym or finding the right time slot. 

The slowest hours at Fit Focus are:

4 am- 7 am

Noon- 1:30 pm

7:30 pm – 7am

Use the quiet times at the gym to ease any anxiety about feeling judged or if you do not want to be around people during this global pandemic. 

Start on the Cardio Deck

Everyone should start a workout by raising their core body temperature with either walking, biking, or running. Starting on the cardio deck at the gym eases gym anxiety by giving you a chance to get orientated with the area before you begin. At Fit Focus the bikes are positioned on a loft so you can see which parts of the gym are busy and which are not.  This will help you avoid walking around the floor aimlessly looking for a place to begin, and you will know exactly where you feel most comfortable working out. 

Ask for a Tour

If you are a new member at Fit Focus you should take the guided tour, even if you have been to the gym before. Not only will the tour give you a better orientation of the gym, it will give you more knowledge on what each section is used for specifically.  If any questions arise they can be answered on the spot by our experienced staff. Having a better idea of the layout will help you avoid parts you feel less experienced in. 

Schedule a Free Workout

When I first started working at Fit Focus I took a full day of learning how each machine worked and how to properly adjust each one.  Schedule the free workout the gym offers to everybody, and at the very least you can learn how to use every machine in the gym to your advantage. Fumbling around with a machine can seem embarrassing to some, and learning the machines and equipment can put this fear to rest. The knowledgeable personal trainers can also give you further advice on workouts to make them run smoothly and more efficient to your personal needs. 

Use the Women’s Only Room

Fit Focus is unique in having a room solely dedicated to its female members. Only women are allowed in the room and it is a popular place because of its quiet atmosphere. A quote from our manager Colleen is “Put on your big girl pants!” Start in the women’s only room and build confidence in your workouts so you can eventually try some other workouts on the main floor. 

Don’t Worry About Feeling Judged

Any new members that join Fit Focus will find that it is a very relaxed environment with very few people who judge. A large majority of members only care about what they are doing at the gym, and do not judge other less experienced members.  Thinking to yourself that no one really cares what you are doing at the gym can put to rest any anxiety or intimidation you might have  walking through the front doors.

Warren Bartlett. NSCA CSCS.

Personal trainer at Fit Focus Laconia