It’s been shown that group exercise classes are desired and effective. Humans are designed to be social creatures, so it makes sense that so many people love exercising with a group of people. Nearly every serious gym offers some group exercise classes with some gyms solely offering group training. We’ve also seen Crossfit gyms, which are primarily group training, explode across the country. At Fit Focus in Laconia NH, we offer a variety of group exercise classes and we have a big enough group exercise room that there’s plenty of space for a safe and socially distanced workout. Following are 5 reasons that people love group exercise classes.

Mind over muscles

Working out with others allows you to feed off of their motivation and energy. Participating in a group exercise class will allow you to push yourself harder and crush your goals. If you’ve taken a group exercise class in the past, you know you don’t want to be the first one in the class to drop to your knees while holding a plank. What happens? You end up pushing yourself 10- 20- or 30 seconds longer than you thought possible. Truth is, you were always able to hold a plank for that long, you just needed the proper motivation to keep your mind from quitting. Group exercises can give you that extra motivation you need. Dr. Dawn Skelton, a professor of aging and health at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland has said “A bit of gentle peer pressure and friendly competition can go a long way when it comes to motivation.”


Chances are, you’ll become friends with other people or the certified instructors of the classes you take. They’ll notice your absence if you don’t make it to a class and keep you accountable to continue showing up. If you’re someone that might struggle with finding motivation to work out, group exercise classes are a great option to find the accountability you need to ensure you continue making it into the gym. 

Group exercise classes will also give you the opportunity to hold someone else accountable. Make a friend or two in the classes you attend and use the buddy system so you can both stay motivated and continue working toward your goals.

Certified instructors will make sure you’re exercising safely

Get the benefits of working out with a personal trainer without actually hiring a personal trainer. Certified group exercise instructors will ensure you’re performing exercises correctly. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know exactly how to position your body to make an exercise safe and effective. A certified group exercise instructor will teach you the correct form and if you have any questions, there’s someone available to ask. On top of that, the instructor will provide modifications if you’re unable to perform an exercise due to fitness level, injury, or surgery.


Coming up with new workout ideas can be a challenge. If you never change your routine up, eventually you’ll find yourself bored with the gym and not making progress. Group exercise classes can spice up your workout routine and teach you new exercises to use in your own workouts.

Lots of fun

Group classes are a lot of fun. The energy from others in the class will keep you wanting to come back. Zumba, HIIT training, spin, or full body circuit classes will never be boring. If you make a mistake, laugh it off with the others around you and keep going.

Fit Focus Laconia offers a number of classes in our huge group exercise room and our spin room downstairs. Our class schedule changes each month, you can find the current schedule here. Get into the gym and into our classes today to make new friends, find extra motivation, be held accountable, and add variety and fun to your fitness routine.

Sydney Vachon. NASM CPT. Personal trainer at Fit Focus Laconia